The FORTIS Brand

FORTIS was founded in the strength that to create change, you must be the change. That standing out for the right reasons is the right thing to do. And the desire to constantly evolve as a company is the biggest step to empowering athletes to be their best.

We don’t believe hockey should be an elitist sport. We believe that affordable and exceptional can be synonymous with hockey equipment built for all who love the game. Wherever you are in your hockey journey, from mini mites to the Miller Lites, we have designed our products to meet you where you are.

We know the game. From years of experience working for hockey brands, playing the game ourselves, and even seeing the game through our children, we have meaningful and various perspectives on why FORTIS is important for you - and for hockey - RIGHT NOW.

We want every FORTIS customer to be as excited about receiving and using our products as we are in developing them. Knowing that the kick point, blade curve, lie, flex, height, grip, and weight have all been thoughtfully crafted to bring you a top end stick is every bit as important to you as knowing our stick designs make a statement. We want our users to see to our gold ‘F’ as a sign of their strength, just like what the FORTIS name means. And with that strength, we will Conquer It.

We also aim to inspire and have made inclusion a foundational part of our company. We are committed to supporting all hockey communities. When you are on the ice, we are a fan of you.

Conquer It.


FORTIS VALUES We believe that affordable can also be exceptional when it comes to hockey equipment. We will create memorable experiences with our products from ordering to opening to in your room and on the ice. We will push the boundaries of the research and design that goes into our products to bring bold designs on the outside of our products. We will establish trust by consistently delivering products that exceed the needs of players today and tomorrow. We believe our products need to be accessible for all ages, abilities, and incomes to increase participation in the greatest sport. We support all hockey players and embrace inclusion in our sport and communities. We have THE BRAND to give players THE CONFIDENCE to Conquer It.